What is Creative Living?

…it’s not what you might be thinking.

Well, the term is subjective, yes, but this is what I mean here and across this blog: simply “making and/or doing things that bring you joy.” (Oh and in case you’re a mascochist, I should add the disclaimer that whatever thing(s) you choose, it mustn’t be harmful to others.)

To live a creative life, you don’t need to start wearing eccentric clothes, all black, or paint-splattered denim (although, if you want to, by all means…). You don’t need to sign-up for expensive courses (unless you’re taking up flying, in which case you absolutely should attend an accredited flight school). You don’t need to drop all of your current friends and only hang out with other artists (although, adding a fellow creative or two to your social circle could make your journey even more rewarding)!

My point is that creative living needn’t be what you do and who you are 24/7 — not even professional creatives are “on” all of the time. To me, “creative living” simply means that you take the leap and adopt (or re-visit) whatever craft or activity interests you. A “creative life” is one in which you actively participate in those things on a fairly regular basis.

Now, even though my definition of “creative living” or a “creative life” is pretty simple, I understand that it can be a real challenge to get started (or re-started). There are all kinds of anxieties and limitations standing in the way…

In my next post (yep, I’m doing that “you’ll have to subscribe or check back” thing — groan!) I’ll tell you the story about how I became a visual artist. And here’s my admission of guilt: it’s partly because I failed to address my fears and blocks about writing. I was a writer and successful editor long before I picked up a camera, but that all came to a bitter end…

Well, you know what they say… when one door closes, another door opens. That story, next post.

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